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Welcome to PEEL Institute of Applied Policing

The PEEL Institute of Applied Policing is a recognized leader in providing support to public safety organizations, including law enforcement, fire departments, emergency medical services, security and emergency management.

PEEL Institute is a full service professional consulting organization dedicated to providing our clients with meeting the complex challenges of conducting operations in a world filled with increasing liability and demands, decreasing budgets, and a shortage of experienced/qualified personnel to respond appropriately to these issues on a daily basis.  The society in which we conduct our business demands professional services, at a fast pace, completed each time correctly.  Customer service is evolving rapidly and who you are is no longer expressed by you, rather, how the public sees you.  PEEL Institute understands these unique challenges are prepared to become your partner in solving your staffing and logistical issues.

We are uniquely staffed and equipped to meet a client’s needs, from the very simple to the most complex. PEEL Institute’s team of professionals are considered the best in their fields. They bring a depth and breadth of real world experience not found anywhere else. Whatever project you’re considering or problem you are encountering our team can develop a solution for you and provide you with an expert who can make it happen. We are your one stop solutions, provider! 

PEEL Institute will provide you with the best options, which are cost effective with, the most qualified professionals there are to offer. When you contract with PEEL Institute you are not engaging with a faceless organization; you are establishing a working friendship with professionals who have your best interests in mind in all they do. You will quickly realize our team is not only a cut above the rest but, that our business ethos regarding personalized customer service is the benchmark of our outstanding reputation.

Professional Associations

The PEEL Institute encourages public safety professionals to collaborate and form official associations to help foster the positive growth in their particular functional area. To facilitate this, we provide our online platform for them to meet to exchange information and ideas. If you are interested in joining one of the associations who is now accepting members, click here to create a new Professional Association User Account. 

Currently, the following Professional Associations are accepting new members:


New Jersey Information Officers Association


The Nobility of Policing Demands the Noblest of Character

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