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Welcome to PEEL Institute of Applied Policing

Historically, police training is either cheap and bland or expensive and limiting.  There has been no middle ground until PEEL Institute of Applied Policing was founded.  Our vision is to provide inexpensive training that is specific, timely, useful and provides the attendee and their organization with the best return on their investment.  Today more than ever, the policing profession is struggling to do so much with so little, and that has been recognized by our Institute.  In order to facilitate the training of a vast number of students, we also use web-based instructor-led training as well as the traditional classroom model.  This unique delivery method engages students, unlike “death by PowerPoint” online training, and frees students up to work and learn in a manner that benefits the organization.

In addition to training, PEEL Institute also provides consultative services.  If your organization has a problem, PEEL Institute will have a solution. Our team of experts has extensive experience in their areas of specialty. No issue is too small or problem too big for us to help. Navigating the complex world of legal, administrative, operational, and social perception is where our team works on a daily basis. Let us become your partner in success.

Extraordinary Teamwork Yields Extraordinary Results

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